Who we are

Urban Morning Coffee

Urban Morning is a female Black owned coffee brand based in Chicago which takes 10% of its revenue and gives back to small business start-ups. Our delicious organic coffee and herbal teas are direct trade bought from small growers in Africa and central America.  We consider our company way more than a coffee brand. Through working collectively with volunteer coaches along with selling coffee on our website, we offer a unique opportunity for you to enjoy your coffee and tea while working on your life goals with one of our pro bono life coaches.  Each bag you buy gives back by offering a free life coaching session to help you work on you. Say good morning to your coffee and coach with Urban Morning. Every bag of Urban Morning Coffee you brew give back to you and the community through our charitable giving campaign.

Bridget Burns Founder

Why should You buy Urban Morning Coffee

It's Gives Back  & Builds Economic Growth

Our Dream, Our core values

We seek to unite our communities through the universal experience of delicious coffee, teas, and life coaching to serve as a model of diversity and inclusivity within the minority business ownership movement. Our core values are: Regenerative Economic growth through products that are  sold by us, that invest in social justice, education, encouraging and supporting small business start-ups. Our dream is as we grow, through the help of our customers who purchase our products, Urban Morning will grow and empower our community.
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