Why become a co-owner ?


Join us: The mission of the Urban Morning is to strengthen our diverse communities through inclusive economic growth, education, starting small businesses and addressing social justice issues we face. We are currently working to reach our goal of 500 co-owner  so that we can ensure we have great success with opening our first café.  Becoming a co-owner of Urban Morning is only $250 for a lifetime.  You can take pride in knowing you help established the first café and is an equal owner. Your name will go on our “Founder Wall “in every one of our café we build and your contribution will help us assure succeed . Our aim is to have cafes that respect our dollar and customers.

Advantages of a Cooperative

1. Equal Status

One of the greatest benefits of having a cooperative model in business is the democratic style of management. All the needs of members can be met without a single person dominating the decision-making process. This kind of structure typically makes the organization more stable. Members can come and go without having serious implications in the business. And because of the ‘one-member-one-vote’ policy, all the members stand on equal footing regardless of the number of shares they own.

2. Lower Debt Risk

Shareholders, directors, and employees have no responsibility for the debts of the cooperative unless those debts are caused by negligence or fraudulent activities. The liability of the members is limited to the extent of their investment in the cooperative.

3. Economic Benefits

Generally, each type of cooperative comes with its own set of economic advantages. For consumer cooperatives, members are entitled to receive patronage dividends, which are determined by the amount the members spend on their products. Members who work within the cooperative are also qualified to get significant merchandise discounts.

4. More Control

Since cooperatives are member owned and controlled, they enjoy more autonomy compared to businesses controlled by investors. Plus, all members and shareholders have to be active in the organization so the load of work can be divided almost equally.

5. Tax Advantage and State Assistance

Unlike other forms of business ownership, a cooperative society is exempt from income tax up to a certain limit. Members are taxed once on their income from the cooperative itself, and not separately on an individual and corporate level. For-profit cooperatives are generally taxed as normal companies but they can reduce tax exposure by issuing patronage dividends (refunds issued to people purchasing their goods or services). The government also offers grants, loans and financial assistance to the cooperative societies.

6. Social Benefit

The basic philosophy of cooperatives is mutual help. Basically, cooperatives help instill moral values among members for a better living. It promotes the spirit of tolerance, cooperation, and self-help.



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